Harrowing: Various Kinds of Disc Harrows You Can Use on Your Tractor

When planting wheat, one thing that can adversely affect seed germination is the quality of ploughing. Seeds planted underneath large clogs of soil may find it hard to penetrate to the surface, making your wheat grow in patches. However, you can easily sort this problem by harrowing. The purpose of harrowing is to smooth the soil by grinding the large blocks into fine soil particles to promote seed germination. You can use disc harrows for the harrowing process. Read More 

3 Tips to Keep your Centrifugal Bore Pump in Perfect Working Condition

Bore pumps offer countless benefits to homeowners with unreliable water supply. Installing them ensures round-the-clock fresh water supply, and they can be run efficiently by powering the pump with solar panels rather than electricity. Understanding how a bore pump works is important to be able to keep it functioning properly. The following tips will help you learn more about your centrifugal bore pump and best practices that will extend its usable life and save you a ton of money in premature repairs. Read More